Puppy Training

New Puppy/ Early Socialization – 9 Lessons
  • Start off on the right foot! Appropriate for starting as early as 8 weeks old.  Private lessons at your home. Proper early puppy socialization and handling between 8-12 weeks of age is imperative to a stable dog. Insufficient early socialization causes hard-to-reverse changes in brain function and anatomy, which leads to temperament problems later in life, such as fear and aggression towards people. Proper socialization training early is much easier to do than to try to fix these behavior problems down the road. This is also the window for teaching the puppy OFF- leash training! Bomb-proof your dog to prevent dog bites especially with children, fear, leash reactivity, aggression with other dogs or humans, resource guarding, handling such as for vet visits, nail clippings, brushing teeth, cleaning ears etc. As they hit the 3 month mark we begin working more intensely on everything included in the basic manners package. Leash walking, sit, down, recall, stay, wait, go to your mat, and boundaries the front door. Each lesson includes customized written homework instructions. Includes Phone and email support. Best Value- 9 lessons. Make the investment now to save you time, frustration and money in the long run with a well balanced and behaved dog!  Lessons run up to 60 minutes.  
Basic Manners
  • Is your puppy already a little older? No problem! This package is appropriate for 3 months old and up: Private lessons at your home. Examples of things covered include Down, Come, Sit, Stay, loose leash walking, Go to Your Mat, Wait, boundaries, getting ready for new baby + more!  All inclusive of common behavior problems such as jumping, reacting to other dogs on walks, counter surfing, door bolting and more! 100% customized to meet your needs.  Each lesson includes customized written homework instructions. Includes Phone and email support. 6 lessons.  Lessons run 60 minutes. Options are 1X per week for 6 weeks or a 2X per week for 3 weeks which can work well for concentrated behavior problems only.
Special Needs/Anxiety/Fear – 12 Lessons
  • This package addresses what I am seeing so much of in the wake of Covid. If your puppy or adult dog is suffering from fears of people, normal everyday occurrences, and leash reactivity this can drastically affect their (and your) quality of life. To overcome this takes lots of time, practice and especially patience with desensitization, counter conditioning and confidence building. I work one on one during our weekly lessons with you and your dog, giving you the tools and homework each week to practice.
  • Lessons run up to 60 minutes.  

Interested in earning the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy title? Please ask about it!

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