Private Training

During private lessons I work with the dog myself as well as working side by side instructing you how to utilize my positive reinforcement training techniques. This gives you the confidence and the tools to carry on throughout your dog’s lifetime.  You’ll learn how to control your dog in life’s everyday situations so that he and your family can live in peace and harmony together.   I offer puppy training and dog training to all ages and breeds.

All private lessons are at your home.  For packages, the last lesson or 2 may be out in public with distractions which is important to strengthen what he has learned. I am always willing to meet in a local park if you live outside of my service areas of Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, Lake Forest, and Trabuco Canyon or you may pay an extra driving fee for visits further. 

Basic Obedience
  • (15% Discount!)
  • Appropriate for 3-4 months old and up: Private lessons at your home. Covering Down, Come, Sit, Stay, Heel, Go to Your Bed, Wait, boundaries, getting ready for new baby + more!  All inclusive of common behavior problems. 100% customized to meet your needs.  Each lesson includes customized written homework instructions. Includes Phone and email support. Best Value- 6 lessons.  Lessons run 60 minutes.  
(not required)
  • In home or online 30 minute consultation to make a clear assessment of the situation and your goals, discuss potential outcomes, and consider training plan options. Fee is applied towards training package price if you sign up for 6 lessons or more.
Individual Lessons
  • In person Lessons run approximately 60-75 minutes. No Obligation, pay as you go.
Puppy Intro To Training
  • (10% Discount off individual price!)
  • Appropriate for 8-16 weeks old: Get off on the right foot and prevent and fix common behavior problems such as housebreaking, chewing, jumping, nipping + more!  Introduce basic obedience commands such as sit, down and come. Each lesson includes customized written homework instructions.  3 lessons. Lessons run 60 minutes.
Advanced Training
  • (15% Discount!)
  • For any dog that has mastered Basic obedience: Same format of 6 lessons covering all the obedience commands with more distractions such as public places, long distance commands, longer stay, off leash, general fine tuning.  Prerequisite: Basic Obedience or an Assessment.
Monthly Training Subscription
(Minimum of 5)
  • Don’t let all your time, effort and money go to waste! Keep your dog’s newly learned skills fresh with our new monthly visit subscription plan! Owner participation is optional and owner is not required to be present. Visits are approximately 30 minutes. Sign up now at our introductory rate of $50/mo!
  • (For current and previous clients)
Online Private Individual Lesson
  • Session runs approximately 45-60 minutes. Pay as you go. May split into 2 meetings.
  • Meet live in real time with instructor. Train on the spot or go over video footage together provided to trainer ahead of time.
Online Private Training Package
  • ( 10% Discount off individual price!)
  • Six hours instruction.
  • Options are:
  • 1) Six 1 hour sessions (1x /week)
  • 2) Twelve 30 minutes sessions (2x /wk)
  • 3) Mix and Match (1x / week for 3 weeks + 2x /wk for 3 weeks.)
  • All sessions to be completed within 6 weeks of start date.
  • Meet live in real time with instructor. Train on the spot and/or go over video footage together provided to trainer ahead of time.